My Story:

About Kelly…the Pharmacist

the presentation: I am Kelly, owner, designer…the passion & drive behind Avita Botanicals.

I am a Pharmacist by trade, graduating in 1987. For over 20 years I have treated clients with Integrative Medicine & Detoxification.

Restoring Inner Balance means treating the client from the inside out…so Natural Skin Care was the next logical step in my practice.

Natural Skin Care

the passion…I have been researching Natural Skin Care Formulae for many years.

My journey in skin care peaked a year ago when I began a series of Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatments & utilizing Carrier Oils for skin rejuvenation, hydration & wrinkles.

Avita Botanicals are highly effective due to the quality & degree of Essentials Oils…

Inner Balance

the truth…as an Integrative Practitioner, I quickly recognized that our skin is a vital Organ System highly affected by our Inner Balance.

Developing a Natural Skin Care Line for my clients was an appropriate fit & direction for Avita.

Our Botanical Skin Care Products are 98.5 % Natural…elegant & simple to use.

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