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About Kelly…the Pharmacist

the presentation: I am Kelly, owner, designer…the passion & drive behind Avita Botanicals. I am a Pharmacist by trade, graduating in 1987. For over 20 years I have treated clients with Integrative Medicine & Detoxification. Restoring Inner Balance means treating the client from the inside out…so Natural Skin Care was the next logical step in my practice.

the an Integrative Practitioner, I quickly recognized that our skin is a vital Organ System highly affected by our Inner Balance. Developing a Natural Skin Care Line for my clients was an appropriate fit & direction for Avita. Our Botanical Skin Care Products are 98.5 % Natural……Elegant & Simple to use.

…the passion…I have been researching Natural Skin Care Formulae for many years. My journey in skin care peaked a year ago when I began a series of Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatments & utilizing Carrier Oils for skin rejuvenation, hydration & wrinkles… Avita Botanicals are highly effective due to the quality & degree of Essentials Oils…



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